The Great Mosque of Paris

Located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, the Grande Mosquée de Paris is an emblematic monument of the French capital. It is not only a place of worship for Muslims, but also a symbol of Franco-Muslim friendship and an architectural masterpiece that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Inaugurated in 1926, its construction was decided after the First World War in recognition of the contribution of Muslim soldiers from the French colonies, mainly North Africa, who fought for France.

The main entrance leads to a large inner courtyard, with a magnificent garden featuring fountains, palm trees and rose bushes. The patio is inspired by that of Granada's Alhambra, with its elegant arcades and columns. The prayer room is decorated with sumptuous carpets and imposing chandeliers.

The Grande Mosquée de Paris is an architectural gem and a haven of peace in the heart of the city. It embodies the dialogue between East and West, past and present, spirituality and culture. When you visit this place, you discover not only a religion, but also a part of the history and soul of Paris.

You can visit all week from 9am to 6pm, except on Fridays and Muslim holidays.

To get there, take bus 67 from Île Saint-Louis towards Stade Charléty - Porte de Gentilly, and get off at Cuvier - Jardin des Plantes. You're there !

Photo credit :éclats-spirituels-de-la-semaine-n-19-l-émergence-des-écoles-juridiques-islamiques 

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