The house by Nad Yuht

Coming to Paris means visiting the great museums and prestigious avenues. But we would like you to discover a more Parisian place, a shop that is dear to us, the shop that represents the Parisian spirit to perfection. 

This place is the house by Nad Yuht. What's this place? An innovative concept in which it's good to live, in which you feel at home as much to have breakfast as to have a drink at the end of the day. This place will bring you new ideas for decoration, you will live an experience like never before in a shop.  Enjoy a cake in the kitchen, try the cosmetics in the bathroom and if you feel like it, leave with it!  

How do designers get inspired? Natural materials, innovative ideas and an irresistible desire to be original.

La Maison by Nad Yuht is the extension of my own apartment. The house of my dreams in a way, you know the one you imagine in your head and that you transform - and enlarge - infinitely. A bubble of well-being, an organized disorder, a treasure cave where I gather all my beautiful finds... And above all, a place of exchange and creation with a door always open to welcome friends! "

Dan Thuy Nguyen, Founder of Maison by Nad Yuht

You know what the good news is? The house by Nad Yuht is not far from the Jeu de paume hotel, several solutions are available to you: 

  • Line 1 from Saint Paul to Bastille.
  • Bus 86 from Pont de Sully to the white ball
  • Bus 76 from rue de Jouy to Ledru Rollin 

We hope you will enjoy this house full of surprises as much as we do!

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