What to do after containment?

We've all thought about it every day for the past two months: What would I do once I could get out? Well, only a few more days to go back to a (almost) normal life!

We have created for you: The list of your desires

Go hang out on the banks of the Seine! You won't need a certificate or justification to go for a walk. There's nothing more romantic than a stroll along the Seine.

Discover forgotten books, on May 11th the libraries reopen. This can be the occasion for you to read new novels or thrillers. We have all visited our library during these two months, it is high time to make it beautiful again! 

Walking around Montmartre, ah, what would Paris be without its emblematic Sacré-Coeur basilica? Visit places where great French and international artists have lived. This small village in the heart of Paris will make you forget all your worries!

It is high time to rediscover your favourite shops. The shopping will not be the same as before, but you will have more room to try on clothes and shop in peace and quiet. Get ready for the beautiful days!

Observe the animals in Paris and enjoy them before they go back into hiding! During the confinement, the animals have taken advantage of the opportunity to wander around cities around the world. You may see foxes, deer and hedgehogs. 

Say hello to the Eiffel Tower, our favorite monument must have been quite lonely lately. Why don't you give it a call? So yes, you won't be able to climb to the top, but you can always take a walk to the Trocadero or the Champs de Mars.

There are only a few days left, cheer up!

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