The rue Crémieux, the most colorful street in Paris !

But to whom do we owe this street? What is its story ?

Its been given this name in homage to Adolphe Crémieux (1796-1880), who was a lawyer and politician. For example, he was at the origin of the 1870 decree, in order to give the Jews of Algeria the French nationality.

However, this street, built in 1865, was previously called Avenue Millaud, in reference to the real estate promoter Moïse Polydore Millaud, who opened the housing estates of which it is part. Before that, the National Arena, opened in 1851 and destroyed in 1855, was at this place.

It was only then in 1993 that the street would become the colorful street we know today. Indeed, at the request of residents, the street becomes entirely paved and pedestrianized, and in return the town hall asked them to renovate their facades. This is how residents chose to opt for different colors, and create this rainbow street, which today attracts a large number of tourists and photographers!

You will find in this street about thirty small houses, all built on the same model, which were at the time intended to accommodate wealthy workers. You can also find a plaque at n ° 8 commemorating the day when, during the Seine flood of 1910, the water level reached 1.75m there.

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