The Michelin star restaurants near the Hôtel du Jeu de Paume

A gastronomic restaurant is a place where talented chefs offer you the opportunity to discover and enjoy refined, creative and tasty dishes. The Michelin star is a highly coveted distinction for chefs around the world and considered by many to be the ultimate mark of culinary excellence. 

Le Sergent Recruteur 

1 Michelin star: modern cuisine in the historic tavern on the Ile st Louis converted into a gastronomic restaurant 

41 Rue Saint-Louis en Ile, 75004 Paris

Located a few steps from the hotel 

Open from Tuesday evening to Saturday evening 


1 Michelin star: a Mediterranean cuisine worked with creativity. 

 5, Rue de Pontoise, 75005, Paris. 

Located 7 minutes walk from the hotel 

Open from Tuesday noon to Saturday evening 


1 Michelin star: a modern cuisine that pays tribute to Anne of Austria, Queen of France and wife of Louis XIII who lived within its walls 

28 Pl.des Vosges, 75003, Paris 

Located 14 minutes walk from the hotel 

Open from Wednesday lunchtime to Sunday lunchtime 

Restaurant H 
1 Michelin star: creative and masterful cuisine in an intimate setting 

13 rue Jean Beausire, 75004, Paris 

Located 16 minutes walk from the hotel 

Open from Tuesday lunchtime to Saturday evening

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