The Coulée Verte, a green course in the heart of Paris !

This long walk, built from an old railway line that linked the Bastille station to the Parisian suburbs, was inaugurated in 1993 ! 

A unique place in the heart of Paris, for which we can thank Philippe Mathieux, architect, and Jacques Vergely, landscaper, who together had the idea of ​​transforming this road. 

The first part of the route is located high up, on the Viaduc des Arts, the narrow old railway strip. You will find under the arcades of the bridge many small artisan shops. 

You can then admire the magnificent Reuilly garden, enjoy its sparkling water fountain and take its immense footbridge, before taking the Reuilly tunnel. 

Then after passing a wagon, which is a vestige of the old line, you can enjoy the Charles Péguy square, one of the most beautiful and peaceful green spaces in Paris. 

This 1h30 beautiful walk will be perfect to disconnect for a moment from Parisian life, and fill up with nature. Change of scenery guaranteed !

To start this walk :

Métro : 1, 5, 8 at Bastille station

Bus : 29, 91, 87

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