Île Saint-Louis, a small haven of peace in the heart of Paris !

Île Saint-Louis, which has only 8 streets and 4 docks, is one of the most pleasant places for a stroll in the capital, away from the noise and bustle of the surrounding area. Still the same after 4 centuries, it is a historic place that at the time welcomed the royal family but also magistrates, King's advisers and financiers who had sumptuous homes built there.

Start with a visit to the Church of Saint-Louis-en-l'Île: decorated with numerous gilding, master paintings, murals, a sublime organ, magnificent stained-glass windows, sculptures… Continue along rue Poulletier to at the Quai de Béthune, for a walk on the banks of the Seine. For lunch on the island, the delicious Italian restaurant Sorza is a must !

Then continue with a walk along the rue Saint-Louis en Île, a pretty and animated shopping street that crosses the entire island. You will discover many small art galleries, little boutiques, French restaurants, and tea rooms. The Hôtel de Chenizot at n°51 has one of the most beautiful facades of the island, and the Hôtel Lambert at n°2, is one of the most beautiful in Paris. Take a break to taste one of the best ice cream in the world, at Berthillon !

Finish with a stroll on the Anjou and Bourbon docks, towards the western tip of the island. You can admire a view of the Saint-Gervais district, or the luxury mansions of the island, such as Hotel Lauzun and its typical architecture. Finally, enjoy a dinner at Les Fous de l'Île restaurant, a small bistro that offers typical dishes and quality cuisine.

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