Discover the “Paris of Modernity” exhibition at the Petit Palais

Discover until April 2024 the exhibition "Paris de la Modernité" which will be held at the Petit Palais, this cultural jewel nestled in the heart of Paris.

The exhibition follows two other exhibitions that highlight the city through romanticism and the brilliance of the early 20th century, “Paris Romantique (1815-1858)” and “Paris 1900, la Ville spectacle”.

The Paris of the early 20th century continues to fascinate many of us. This is understandable, because Paris at the beginning of the 20th century attracted a very large number of artists from all over the world.

The City of Light radiates an inexhaustible creative energy and is positioned at the heart of global cultural and artistic innovation. Through this exhibition, you will have the chance to discover multiple disciplines, each more exciting than the other, such as fashion, cinema, photography, painting, culture, design...

To get to the Petit Palais from the hotel, you can take line 1 at Saint-Paul metro station and stop at Champs Élysée Clemenceau station, the museum is a 4-minute walk from the station.

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