Discover the new exhibition at the Conciergerie de Paris. 

Come and discover until July 16, 2023, the exhibition "Paris, capital of gastronomy, from the Middle Ages to the present day" at the Conciergerie de Paris.

As we know, France and Paris have always shone in the world of gastronomy. It was even in Paris that the invention of the first restaurant took place! The exhibition takes place in the Salle des Gens d'armes of the Conciergerie, which served as a refectory in the medieval period. 

You will have the opportunity to travel through the gastronomic legend of the French capital and discover works of art, manuscripts, original menus, but also a collection of tableware, culinary creations and photography from the Middle Ages to nowadays.


Conciergerie de Paris 

2 bd Palais, 75001 Paris
12 minutes walk from the hotel

Metro: Cité, line 4

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