A virtual visit of Notre Dame as if you were there!

Access to the Notre Dame Cathedral is not for the moment, but before the end of the works and the reopening of this emblematic place of the capital, FlyView Paris offers you the possibility of a breathtaking virtual tour.

This company offers a 360° immersion in the Cathedral which is currently inaccessible.

You will be able to enter Notre Dame to admire its beauty before the fire and live a unique experience.

The proposed tour allows you to see the beauty of the place and the devastation of the fire with spectacular images filmed in "before and after". You will then become aware of the extent of the disaster, and above all of the challenge that remains to be accomplished to "save" Notre-Dame.

Produced by the Targo studio, the virtual reality experience was designed from real images filmed in 360 video a few months before the fire, and then in December 2019 as close as possible to the destruction. To bring visitors into the most visited monument in Paris, which has been inaccessible since the fire on 15 April 2019, the production team obtained exceptional authorisation to access the interior of the destroyed cathedral. The images were taken by drone and by rover, a remote-controlled machine made indispensable by the lead contamination.

A great experience to share with your family!


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