Take care during the lockdown, Paris museums remain open online, enjoy!

Use your time wisely and (re)discover 324,926 works of art online. The museums of Paris offer you different categories of offers.

The website gives you access to 12 themed tours offering a kaleidoscopic view of the works of art in the museums of Paris. There's something for everyone! 

You'll find 30 works by Victor Hugo on the ocean, 27 works and three museums on the theme of women's fashion and sport from 1880 to 1839, as well as 35 works and two museums on the world's largest collection devoted to the French Revolution and many other exhibitions. 

If you don't find what you're looking for in the themed tours, don't panic! The site also offers you free access to 151,200 images, portraits and works that have survived from 1802 to 1930.

At the moment, a virtual exhibition on "Light and Shadow" is also at your disposal. This painting exhibition brings together 30 works from the Victor Hugo House collections. These collections are divided among the three major works of Victor Hugo: The Golden Book of Victor Hugo (published in 1883), and two editions of the complete works, the Hugues Edition (from 1876 to 1897) and the National Edition (from 1885 to 1896). 


For more information, do not hesitate to visit the website of the museums of Paris : 

Paris Museums


You don't have to travel to grow! 

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