The Green Key label 





We are newly in possession of the label CLEF VERTE

awarded to environmentally friendly accommodations

...because the Jeu de Paume team is convinced that it is well founded and necessary to adopt ecological gestures that preserve our environment,

The adhesion of the team. More than a simple adhesion, it is a voluntary approach of the Jeu de Paume team. The team, which has been working together for several years, wanted to systematize and develop an ecological attitude around the label clef verte. This international label is awarded when the recommendations of sustainable development experts are applied.

An adapted historical site

The traditional masonry walls - those of the Jeu de Paume dating back to the 17th century - offer unequalled natural thermal regulation. This structure and the wooden frameworks are essentially ecological, unlike certain modern construction materials. A heat pump system provides the additional heating or cooling required by our contemporaries...

What does the label clef verte prescribe?

The main focus is on water and energy consumption, as well as on waste recycling and the nature of cleaning products. Of course, the products used in the rooms are organic and the multiple individual packaging is forbidden.

In addition, our guests are already used to having only the linen they have designated changed, which saves 6 liters of water per towel!... Everyone also knows that in an unoccupied room the electrical appliances will be switched off...

We are happy to be able to display the famous label clef verte since a few months now !

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