The Hotel du Jeu de Paume does not forget you!

We have concocted a number of activities just for you to do at home! During this unprecedented period, don't get bored, there are different ways to pass the time. 

As a family, go back to childhood with your favourite board games or discover new puzzles for young and old. Passionate about Escape Game? Organize your own escape game at home with Escape Kit. You will have the choice between different themes such as: the bewitched school, the lost world, the robbery of the century etc. So don't wait any longer and turn your house into a real playground! 

Stay at home, yes, but under the duvet! Take advantage of this confinement to review your classics and watch the Oscar-winning films of the last 20 years. For reading enthusiasts, Fnac offers you free access to many Ebooks, so take advantage of this only happens during periods of confinement! 


For the more sporty, it's time to prepare your summer body! Don't wait any longer and download free sports applications like Sworkit Lite, 30 days or Nike Training Club. Ready to become the king or queen of the beaches?  

Maybe there's an artist hiding deep inside of you. To find out, try your hand at painting or drawing and who knows, you might be the next Picasso!

Does this period make you anxious? Don't panic! We've got what you need, to relax, download these free yoga applications: 5 Minutes of Yoga, Yoga Daily, and Yoga Daily Fitness, and become a meditation pro. 

Looks like that lockdown's going to go faster than expected!

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